August 10, 2010

Exercise and Eating Right

Taking care of our physical body is a way to honor God and the Holy Spirit, which lives inside us.
In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Paul tells us, "Or don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God?  You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.  So you must honor God with your body."
This a topic that I both love and hate...  I know, you must be thinking, Kat... hate is such a strong word, but let's be honest, exercise is work!  And you don't see results immediately.  Very frustrating.  I wasn't born with "skinny genes" and I may not be fat, but staying in shape is work for me!  Most people are yo-yo dieters, well, I'm into yo-yo exercising.

I'm also learning more each day about food and how it affects our hormones, and when your hormones are imbalanced so is your quality of life.  I recently met Dr. Neil Rosen of Preventive Medicine of Monmouth, PC in Shrewsbury, NJ who is helping me. I'm reading a couple of books which I'd highly recommend:  "Ageless" by Suzanne Somers and "The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook" by Jillian Michaels.  Eventually I will have a blog on this very topic so... stay tuned...

Christ's death freed us from sin.  What a high price he paid to give us that freedom.  But we no longer own our bodies, therefore we must take care of the body God gave us.  Some of you might be thinking, I can do anything I want with my body, It's mine.  But try to think of it this way...  The home, apartment, or building you own or rent... someone owns it, right?  Whether it's the bank or a landlord, we have rules to follow.  You try not to violate those rules and you do everything in your power to take care of it and respect it.  Well, we can't violate God's standard for living.  We must take care of ourselves (just like you would your home or business).  That doesn't mean you have to exercise for hours every day of the week, but take a little bit of time everyday to exercise and eat healthy.  Remember that it takes great effort and sacrifice to reach your goal and win the prize, but it's not impossible.  1 Corinthians 9:24-25  "Remember that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize.  You must run in such a way that you will win.  All Athletes practice strict self-control."  Paul knew that life is hard work.  Without a goal discipline is nothing more than self-punishment.  If one of your goals is to live a life that is more pleasing to God and exercise is not your thing but you know you need it, try to remember God gave us our bodies and we should take care of it.

So perhaps you will begin today by doing two things... set a short-term goal which in turn will help you reach your long-term goal.  Don't get frustrated.  You are not going to see or get immediate results.  You didn't get out of shape overnight and it's going to take a little time and effort to reach your goals, but don't give up.

Find a couple of things you enjoy to do.  If you love to dance, you will have to try Zumba!  It's so much fun and the weight just falls off.  And what's best is you won't feel like you are exercising.  I like to switch it up and get bored very quickly so I also love the Insanity work out!   Beware though!  It's a crazy workout and as my friend Kim says, "there is no way you won't see results!"  Try biking or walking in between to give your body a break and so you don't get bored.  I did mention healthy eating and let's face it, you can't take care of your body without watching what you eat.  We are notorious for eating bad foods and not educating ourselves on how to eat properly.  A great place to start is my cousin's blog.  Gina makes it easy and fun to want to get into shape and you will be eating healthy foods.  You don't have to sacrifice flavor or eat boring foods.  If you love food and want to eat healthier, I'm telling you... stop by her blog and check it out.  (Links for all are provided below...) 

So, set some goals...  start slow but make a decision and commitment to start somewhere... and ask the Lord to help you reach those goals and help eliminate some bad habits and negative thinking.  I've provided you with links below to find Gina's blog, a Zumba class near you and information on the Insanity program.  Let me know how you make out.  I'd love to hear from you!  


shelley said...

hi kat,
i wanted to try and hit everyones sites before getting to bloggy boot camp this weekend, i know i'm a little crazy but i thought it would help get to know everyone a bit... anyhow, i feel your pain, been on a healthy makeover since spring... and i love love love zumba! look forward to seeing/meet you soon!

Kats Big Fish said...

Hi Shelley!
Looking forward to meeting you as well!

Thanks for stopping by. See you Saturday.